Good, Good Father

Worship is just prayer without asking for stuff. Since worship is prayer, and prayer is a conversation, and conversation is with a person, that’s why worship is so important. Anytime I talk to a believer about his walk with Jesus, I ask about his prayer life. 

If you’re not praying, you don’t have a relationship; you have a worldview. Prayer reminds us that we’re talking to somebody who is listening. And worship reminds us that when we pray we need to be thankful as well as needy. So worship is a chance to go to God and thank him for what he’s done and for who he is.

Yet many of us feel we’re not worthy to worship God because we misunderstand our standing before him. People tend to pray more when we’re being good and pray less when we’re being bad. A lot of times in worship we feel that we’re not in a good standing with God because of what’s going on in our lives, and we think, “Who am I to sing this or to have God hear me say any of these things? I’m not living a life that reflects these words. God, I don’t deserve to sing this to you.”

But God is a good, good Father who loves you past what you’ve done and where you’ve been, and he loves you not because of what you’ve done but because of what Jesus did. Many believers find it difficult to rest in the truth that it’s not our performance that matters but what he’s done for us.

This song also reminds me that, as the lyric says, “I’m loved by you.” That’s who I am. I think we come into worship thinking, “God, I’m not who I told you I was going to be and I’m still doing the things I told you I wasn’t going to do. I haven’t followed through on all the commitments that I made and I just don’t feel like I’m justified in talking to you right now.” 

That’s how we see ourselves: I am what I’ve done. We often think that since we haven’t done Christian things this week and don’t feel faithful, we are therefore failures. But the Lord uses this song to remind us, “Your very best would never be good enough. But I really am a good, good father, and you really are mine.”

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