Joy is Not Based on Circumstances

Joy is not the same as happiness. While happiness is momentary, joy is not fazed by your circumstances. What’s going on around you shouldn’t determine your joy.
In Psalm 27 David is in trouble. He says though an enemy may encamp around him, he will not fear. It takes a lot of distress or discouragement to feel like the world is against you. And while David might feel like he’s in a tough spot, he offers up shouts of joy.
How is this? What’s his secret to joy in the difficult? It’s prayer and communion with God. Joy endures when we connect with God and look to Him. We know in that safe place–under the protection of His tent–God is for us and will take up our cause.

We are called to give thanks in all circumstances. Jesus modeled this during the Last Supper when he gave thanks, knowing he was about to endure the cross. 
Jon Bloom shares, “Jesus’s thanks was not based on his present circumstances. He was about to endure the worst possible horror. He felt thankful to the Father for the grace and glory that was coming because of the cross and this gave him joy.”
Joy is not based on our circumstances but is based on our ability to be thankful.
Whatever you might be going through today, know that when you look to Him you are His. Know that whatever is going on around you cannot stand against Him. Find the joy that endures the circumstances because the joy is in Him. 

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