True Christ Centered Love Waits challenges teenagers and college students to make a commitment to sexual abstinence until marriage. Created by Robert McAuthor Ministries, Inc., True Christian Centered Love Waits encourages moral purity by adhering to biblical principles. This youth-based USA campaign utilizes positive peer pressure by encouraging those who make a commitment to refrain from pre-marital sex to challenge their peers to do the same.

It is my hope that as “Robert McAuthor Ministries, Inc., moves forward in prayer that this movement just as others will spread nationally, as well as, around the world.

True Christ Centered Love Waits will receive no taxpayer money, yet “Robert McAuthor Ministries” belives its message will make a profound impact in the United States as well as other parts of the world. For example,we believe in USA True Christ Centered Love Waits will become a catalyst for bringing people together around the abstinence message in schools, youth groups, communities and other places. In the years that have followed the outbreak of HIV/AIDS, USA’s prevalence rate, which in parts of the country was very high, we believe it will dropped to 6.7 percent as this message continues to spread. Some leaders here in the USA say that this abstinence message could literally turnaround a generation.

True Christ Centered Love Waits currently is seeking to expanding its reach in other parts of the world. Revolutionary Christ Centered Purity, a study that challenges young people to a life of personal and “revolutionary” Christ Centered Purity that includes influencing peers in other countries, is one tool “Robert McAuthor Ministries” & “True Christ Centered Love Waits” is using to enhance the international scope of the abstinence movement. Keep looking for more information about this new move as we’ll be making updated posting concerning this new movement. God bless.

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