Recognizing Deceptive Ministries/Minister’s

Satan the god of this present dark world system

Never forget the fact Satan has a real kingdom of total darkness. For he’s the god of this present age.

They often say: “Christ has given men authority on earth to be your ministers and you have to submit to them and to the authority of the leaders of the Church of God.” This is pure and unadulterated nonsense. Worse than that, it is the propagation and dissemination of the Antichrist system where you have men standing in as the representatives of God.

So many claim the men who lead in any Church of God are the human authorities to stand in for God in exercising God’s law among human’s. The truth is, however, any man or woman who teaches such a dastardly doctrine is totally violating the divine principle of (1 Timothy 2:5) where it states NO HUMAN or ANGEL can be a Mediator between you and the Father Only Jesus Christ has this role and the authority to do so. Men/women who assume such power are “Antichrists.”

There is also one other essential truth to keep in mind when considering the workings of false prophets. We are told in the Holy Scriptures that only the Father and Christ now have immortality (1 Timothy 6:15, 16). Yet the vast majority of so-called teachers/prophets today (even in the Christian Church) claim that you and I who are humans also have immortality.

This is a lie of the highest rank. You and I are humans an we are mortal. We shall not receive our immortality until we are resurrected from the dead at the Second Advent of Christ (See I Corinthians 15 for this clear teaching).

But, some 90 percent of Christian teachers and ministers today (including even those who claim to have direct contact with God through their “tongues speaking” and similar “spiritual experiences”) teach and pro-mote the so-called “Immortality of the soul.” Whatever happen to the soul that sinneth? It shall surely die! Saint’s watch and pray that you enter not into the hellish temptations of this present dark world system.

Taken from the booklet Recognizing Deceptive Ministries & Ministers – The Unholy Seed of Satan Among Us – By Evangelist, Robert McAuthor Thomas, Jr