Retreating From or Retreating For?

I have grappled with this question myself, and I remain convinced that when w go deep into the heart of ourselves, we also come closer to the heart of each other. In prayer, and especially in the intensive prayer of a wonder-filled self retreat. I can attest to this most important true fact in mt very own life.

Simply, because I’ve learned over the long course of my personal faith walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. That it’s when we go down, as it were, to the bedrock of our own being that we truly begin to learn so really amazing things about ourselves during a self-retreat.

You see to delve into the core of our own being is also to dig deeply into that bedrock where we are mysteriously in touch with the core of all our being – the place where all is one. You see the evidence for the truth of this lies in the effects it has- the retreat: if after we return to the everyday world after prayer more in harmony with creation and with all other beings, then the encounter at the bedrock has been successful an creative in ways that will radiate outward and be life-giving for others as well as for ourselves.

I love taking a long weeks retreat away from all the busyness of the everyday workaday world system. This gives me the chance to reconnect with my Great Creator – God. Remember, I said the bedrock has been successful an creative in ways that will radiate outward and be life-giving for others as well as for ourselves.

If this is so, then it stand to reason to make a retreat is not to escape from the real world, but to be in touch with aspects of reality that are often covered over with noise and busyness.

When we open ourselves up to our interrelatedness and see afresh anything that is blocking the wholeness which we’re seeking with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This in turn would cause us to really start to do this, we may begin to truly realize that things are the other way around:

I’ve learned much from taking weekly retreats alone with just me and the Lord God together. You see “escaping” from reality when we are so busy doing all the things we find so important in daily life, and we are facing and encountering a deeper reality when we take time to be still. To listen to the inner movement of our hearts as the Lord Jesus Christ through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit leads us in our retreat away from the everyday busyness of this present life.

Today, I’m asking the Lord God to open unto you all His awesome ways of retreating into a place of fellowship with Himself. It’s my desire that both you and I learn how to take out time in our personal life just in order to be alone with the Lord Jesus Christ in a loving moment of heartfelt fellowship with Him. God bless.