the people gather for gospel message

Help us to reach others with the life saving message of the Gospel of salvation through a personal life changing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You love offering or donation will enable us to continue evangelizing this dark world system. You also be helping us to feed, as well as, house those who’re living on the streets. Thanks in advance for your kind support of this world evangelism ministry. God bless <<<<< Give Your Love Offering Here >>>>

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  1. Every gift you give will help me to reach the great masses of humanity with the life saving message of salvation in a life changing personal relationship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Did you know the Word of God says; no one can call Him Lord and Savior accept by the power of the Holy Spirit? Yes, beloved it is the awesome Spirit of God who does calling of souls into faithful fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    And just as He the (Holy Spirit) calls those who’re lost in the world without hope. He also calls us all together for the proclaiming of the Gospel message of salvation. That why I need your prayerful help in getting this message of true life out to others in the world who’ve not have a chance to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior yet.

    Therefore, please click on the link here to give a gift of support today >>> Thanks. God bless. – Evangelist, R. Thomas, Jr.


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