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5122fvdnl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Evangelist Thomas, you kept us hanging each time you speak on this amazing subject. There’s a debate happening in the church these day’s. How much of the Christian life is grace, and how much of it is obedience? Or, how does gospel contentedness and justification work together?

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The time is close an no one who has not accepted God’s only begotten Son as Lord and Savior will get away from the evil plans of the wicked one, the Devil. That is; unless they’ve accepted the Gift of Salvation through a life changing personal relationship with His (God’s) only begotten Son, The Lord Jesus Christ.

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The days are dark an many have given upon being a light in a world where so many have giving up on any kind of hope for a new heaven and a new earth. It’s seems as though the darkness has won its battle against the light. But, what the dark-side doesn’t know; is that there are still many who faithfully serve the true and living God of heaven. And it’s these spiritual warriors who’re going to bring down all the dark powers of the wicked one. There’s a shining light of godly hope still upon the earth it’s this ray of godly hope. Which will deliver many souls from the hellish powers of darkness. Seeking to destroy all those calling upon the name of the true God of heaven an earth.

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